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Home-Care Kit: Dry Mouth

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Successful home-care management of dry mouth

Do you have a sticky, dry feeling in your mouth?

Do you have sores in your mouth or a dry feeling in your throat?

Do you have a dry, red tongue?

Do you wake up at night with a dry mouth?

The Dry Mouth Kit will make your mouth feel more comfortable by increasing your saliva, and for some people it allows them to have a better sleep. 

1 x X-PUR Remin
1 x XyliMelts Mint
1 x X-PUR Opti-Rinse 0.05%
1 x CURAPROX CS 5460 «Ultra Soft»
1 x Plasticized instruction card
1 x PVC travel bag

Also includes:
1 x sample of X-PUR Gums & Pastilles 
1 x sample of Gengigel (against oral lesions)

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All Other Provinces: Up to 5-7 business days

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Dry Mouth Relief

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