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Dry mouth -

During a cold winter night, when your heating system has been turned on, you woke up with a dry mouth. This is quite normal! You take a little sip of water and go back to sleep. However, this discomfort is part of the everyday life of approximately 20% of adults. Dry mouth, also known, as xerostomia, is an abnormal dryness of the mucous membranes in the mouth, due to a reduction of the flow or change in the composition of saliva. In fact, saliva plays several roles to maintain oral health:  • Acting as a buffer to neutralize acidic challenges• Aiding in the immune...

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Dry mouth, Foods and beverages -

Dry mouth affects approximately 20% of the population and can be very unpleasant. In addition to the drastic consequences that it has on oral health (caries, oral lesions, bad breath, etc.), it brings with it a lot of complications such as difficulty swallowing, which can impact eating and drinking. 

 This is why we wish to support you with a list of foods to promote as well as avoid. Foods and Beverages to Promote - Tender food (fish, chicken and soft meat) - Soft foods (mashed potatoes and soup) - Smooth peanut butter - Hard cheese (in addition, the cheese should help...

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